Tiger Century Aircraft

swissTiger Century Aircraft (TCA) is a military aircraft design engineering and modification company focused on the application of advanced Aeronautical Technology to enhance the operational and mission effectiveness of the T-38 and F-5.

The management of TCA believes that the T-38/F-5 family of lightweight trainers and multi-role fighters represents one of the finest examples of aircraft design that has been achieved over the past several decades.
Due to the inherent qualities of their aerodynamics, structures and systems design, the T-38/F-5 family has established a well-deserved reputation as safe, reliable and highly capable aircraft.

The TCA business strategy is based on research that supports the fact that the F-5 "Tiger" aircraft will continue to provide cost-effective service in Air Forces all around the world well into the 21st Century, not only in their traditional role as light-weight, multi-role fighters, but especially in a new role as fighter lead-in trainers.

TCA’s Core Capabilities and Strengths

We know the T-38 and the F-5

TCA’s team of engineers, test pilots, fabricators, logisticians and fighter pilots has an-depth knowledge of the F-5 and T-38 that is unique in the industry. This knowledge spans the full breadth from design to flight test to manufacturing to logistics support to combat operations. Many customers have told us that our knowledge of the T-38 and F-5 exceeds that of the OEM – Northrop Grumman.

We know Fighter Pilot Training

We have an in-depth knowledge of the process of training fighter pilots. We fully understand the impact that the introduction of 4th and 5th generation fighters has had on fighter pilot training requirements in the USAF and all over the world. We know the positive impact that a high-performance Lead-In Fighter Trainer can have on that process.

We are successful Program Managers

Over the last 15 years, we have shown our ability to successfully manage several complex international F-5 upgrade programs in far-flung locations. In most cases, these projects required us to manage government-owned indigenous aerospace entities and large US companies as our subcontractors. All projects were completed “on schedule – on cost”.

We believe our small size is a Strength

Our size allows us to foster and promote a spirit of technical innovation among all TCA team members. It allows us to provide “small company responsiveness” to customer requirements. And very importantly, it allows us to maintain an efficient overhead structure to keep costs as low as possible.

Applying these fundamentals, TCA has successfully competed against industry giants to win important contracts and perform successfully.