TF-5 “Agile Talon”

TCA’s newest product is a proprietary modification kit that transforms single-seat F-5 Fighters into dual-seat, high-performance Lead-In Fighter Trainers.  After the modification is completed, the aircraft is given a new designation of TF-5 “Agile Talon” and is positioned to be the natural successor to the USAF T-38 “Talon” for the export market.


The TF-5 modification kit consists of four elements:
  1. an aerodynamic modification that enhances flying qualities while reducing landing approach speed,
  2. an avionics modification that provides digital communication/navigation technology and modern controls and displays in the cockpit,
  3. a paradigm-shifting “virtual weapon system” airborne-embedded simulation technology that supports downloading of training from expensive fighters
  4. and an escape system modification that increases safety.



Availible as an upgrade kit:
For current F-5 owners, the TF-5 is a straightforward, low-risk modification to their existing F-5 aircraft that meets their training needs at the lowest possible cost and in the most expeditious manner.  

Available as an turnkey aircraft:
For customers that do not have F-5s for modification, TCA can source F-5 airframes from surplus inventories, perform the upgrades and offer the TF-5 as a turnkey solution to a new owner.