Aircraft Engineering

TCA provides specialized technical and engineering services for the F-5/T-38 and other aircraft in the following areas of expertise:

  • Flight Sciences, including Aerodynamics, Propulsion Integration, Stores Separation, Flight Controls and Flying Qualities
  • Structures, including Design & Analysis, Structural Dynamics/Flutter, Structural Repairs and Damage Tolerance Analysis
  • Systems Analysis, including Air Combat Operations Analysis, System Effectiveness Studies, Pilot-Vehicle Interface Studies and Military Utility Studies
  • Ground and Flight Test, including, Test planning & support, Prototype/Test Hardware, Instrumentation/ Test Equipment and Flight Test Operations
  • System Integration, including Thermodynamics & Environmental Control Systems, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems and Fuel Systems


In addition to our engineering expertise that relates specifically to the T-38 and F-5, for more than 20 years, TCA has provided high-level design consulting to international fighter and trainer development projects in Europe, Asia and the United States. TCA’s team of highly experienced Research Scientists, Designers, Engineers, Test Pilots and Combat Pilots brings important insight, guidance and design leadership to these projects.

TCA is widely known for its in-depth expertise in the field of Fighter Aircraft Agility. In addition to the well-understood importance of Airframe Agility (maneuverability combined with rapid transients in pitch, roll and yaw), TCA believes strongly that Agility should influence every element of fighter aircraft design from the airframe to avionics to sensors to weapons to the cockpit and the pilot. Building on the teachings of the great Col. John Boyd and recognizing that the only purpose of an air superiority fighter is to kill an opposing fighter, As seen in the figure following, TCA’s design methodology for an Integrated Agile Weapon System expands Boyd’s “oOda loop” concept to envelope the entire weapon system. This methodology allows designers to focus directly on those features of an aircraft that contribute to reducing the overall time delay from target Detection to target Destruction.

Integrated Agile Weapon System